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Money Diaries: Oct 20

Okay, I am writing this post for fun, there are no tips for the month. You’re very welcome to snoop into my financials but you really don’t need to.

Apparently, my pay is under the B40 household bracket in KL; perhaps that’s why I do find normal things expensive. And I am already blessed to have the income to myself, without the responsibility to provide for others.

Here’s RM3150 worth of ramblings:

  • It’s not yet Christmas, and I either eat too much or bought too many groceries this month. Perhaps it’s an insecurity with all the political 🤯; I burn RM1594 and gain one size up in the UK clothing scale. Some are spent on dates, others on food vouchers, many takeaways to keep the small shops running, and the pantry will last me two months. Is it too drastic if I only budget RM400 for the coming month?
  • The housemate is moving back to her hometown in December, and I will need to pay the full rent after. I am considering moving to my parent’s home; it would also automatically reduce my food expenses. Only, I’ll be 35km further from my social circle.
  • Personal = personal insurance at RM300. Paid using SCB card for 15% cashback.
  • Fun = membership site on leadership in writing. I love the site, but it’s expensive, and listing down my subscription makes me want to stop paying. I downloaded some of the materials to watch after the membership ends. Saving USD30 from Nov onwards.
  • Bought a 925 silver necklace from Lovisa for RM30. That is a pleasing purchase.
  • No giving as I have committed to pay something big in November.

Other updates

Although my spending is quite mundane, life is exciting at home. In March, staying home means life is about work. But October is full of online conferences, zoom games, and online events. Everything is in zoom now that I can go to Eventbrite and search for free Ted-like events worldwide.

There’s no dividend this month, but I got a lot of free stuff (some redeemed with points), including a box of vegetables, shower gel, a dust mite vacuum, some bath towels, a board-game set, and a mini food processor. That makes me a little happy. When I think about it, it’s worth as much as RM1,000! 😮

Mite Vacuum : They give me pink! 😍

Overall, October is a good month. I didn’t quite like my engineering job, but it proves to be protected from the economic storms out there. I can only imagine what’s it like to be unemployed now, knowing that you have the right skills but at the wrong time and place.

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