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The best things to buy at Daiso: TPC edition

Yes, I shop A LOT at Daiso and I am not afraid to admit it. I love to see the household items neatly arranged like a departmental store. There was a time where I would carry an empty basket and suddenly it’s full, even if I don’t actually need to shop. Now, I am more focused and I don’t buy most things unless it’s Nobel Laureate. Here are the human equal (for everyone) things that I’ve been loving. 🙂

1.Hot selling! This handy tool is sold off in most outlet but I am certain it’ll be back. I use this to keep my hands of binge eating and ants away from my favorite food. This heat sealer help keeps food fresh. I also use it as alternative to disposable zip wrapper. The alternative: RM60, electrical impulse sealer at Mr. DIY.

2. Wear your jeans forever. Need to fix a ribbed clothing? This Iron-in think patch is perfect for jeans and torn clothing that still have the clothe “in-tact”. I use one for 4 jeans. It’s easy, time and cost saving. Alternative: You have a sewing machine at home or about RM10-20 to fix one “lubang” at malls.

3. Try before you buy. Want a hand-writing experience on your iPad with Apple pen or other stylus? Before you pay RM100+ for Paperlike, try the Matte version of iPad protective film. I don’t think there’s any significant difference between the “branded” and “Daiso branded” version.

4. Pay 100 times less. Lint remover helps to make clothes look new again. Sticker roller type is usually a waste of money. Karu-Karu is the cheapest “real thing” in the market. I bought things when the price is RM5, and it’s still functioning. Alternative: Philips RM550 heavy duty version.

5. Life saver! Glass protector for all iPhone series and some Android phones. I tend to drop my phone and this protector have not failed me. Once I drop my phone on a sloppy tar road, it bounce and knocked the floor 5 times. The losses? RM5.90 glass protector.

6. Make life colorful. Highlighters for mind-map? Draw or highlight with this long lasting pens. These marking pen comes in a pack of 5! Where could you find colors so beautiful for less than RM1.2 each? Maybe you can but I have not find colors as pleasing as these. I actually like them more than Sharpie. *Image from pinterest

7. Compartmentalize everything! Find the magic of Muji organization, at Daiso. Next time you need to organize something, find your favorite at Daiso before walking over to Muji. This is the look-a-like of Muji RM18.90 box. Here are the other 16 dupes you may want to consider.

8. Memo board! Make your own IKEA MYRHEDEN memo board with this BBQ Grate. I know it doesn’t look exactly the same but it does work as a memo board (with 30-50 clips you can find in Daiso). This is more versatile than the IKEA board. When there’s alien invasion? Just BBQ it.

That’s all for now. Although I love shopping here, Daiso is also a place where a lot of junks are sold. I have bought a lot of things that are disappointing, like earphones, another spoon, another water bottle. What was I thinking -.-. Now my general rule is not to buy paper, cleaning solutions, and snacks here. These category are cheaper and tastier outside. I also try to avoid the craft areas as I tend to buy pretty yet useless things.

What are some best find you have got from Daiso?

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