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Money Diaries: Sep 20

Is this the return of writing money diaries? I don’t know. I wrote this as a therapy to make peace with the consequence of the choices I made in the past.

First, the car. The continental car that chooses to break at the return of some normalcy post lockdown. After four visits and RM2,000 at the automotive hospital, I rid of the car for pennies on the dollar. The signs were there, I should sell this car three months earlier for RM5,000 extra. Spent another RM300 on rides to get around the city.

Removing the extraordinary car cost and giving, I spent RM2,700 this month with the big bulk going into the food*. My binge eating habit is creeping back, I can’t fit well into UK8 clothes again. Determined to stay healthy, I went to the gym and hurt my leg on day one. LOL

* If you like to take bites of Wagyu without breaking the wallet, try Gyutaro Yakiniku at Publika (guess it’s halal 🙂).

Happiness purchase? RM100 coffee cash card and RM220 on three dresses. Chai Tea Latte (only the one in Coffee Bean, is my new found favorite). “Security purchase” – RM300 on the insurance policy.

Daily tracker “Spending” app to “Buddy”

It’s rumored that I’ll get a pay cut. I know my work is not digital proof, the job will come to an end in my 40’s. Yet, I am not persistent in learning AI or investing in the future (technology and innovation things).

Do I need to start living on my barebone budget? But I get so many save the economy “cash-vouchers” I wonder if it’s a crime not to spend them. It’s a constant struggle between my mind (I’ll be okay), and my heart (hey, remember the unreachable million I need for retirement tomorrow?).

Perhaps, I shouldn’t be so fearful about money. God will provide, and indeed He has done so for the past 30 years for my family. My parents have no connections, no inheritance wealth, not much education (both of them are not graduates), not financial savvy, no Bumiputera rights, but miracles after miracles bring us from the sea to shore. You won’t see me carrying a Hermas or walk with my nose up. But a car loss or job loss won’t kill me. I don’t need to put up a brave face, I’ll have a soft landing.

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