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5 things I’ve been loving this month: July 2020

1.Frozen Banana
I have always love frozen banana. More so this month when my mom bought me a bunch and I learn about the use of banana peels. This time, I cut them into manageable coins before freezing the banana. Apart from eating like a snack, I also made nice-cream by blending with frozen coconut milk and pineapple. Brings me back to the magic you get in Disneyland (the Dole whip). Bye-bye ice-cream.

2. Don’t waste the banana peels
Banana peels are so useful, I didn’t know why I haven’t used them in the past. I use it three ways now, and there’s so much more to explore. First, as a mask for puffy eyes. I cut the peel into small pieces that fit my eye bags. Leave for 15 to 20 mins and wash. Then, I’ll use the remaining to polish any leather goods that need a new shine. Just buff off with tissue after you wipe the leather with the inside of the banana peels. My shoes and bags love banana peel polish. Finally, I will soak the peels in water for an hour or two to make plant fertilizers. My indoor plants bloom after drinking the punch.

3. Take out at it’s best – Yu Bento
This bento set from Yu, The Gardens is redefining value for high-cuisine dining. At RM32 net (their official price), or RM40+ in GrabFood (although Grab claims prices same as a store), the set comes with 9 appetizers including one whole abalone with shell, prawns dumpling, fried lychee, and other specials. The main is a crispy rice chicken with a rich broth. For a sweet ending, there is a cute hedgehog pau with a little surprise. This box put the Masa, NY $800 bento box to shame.

4. Time audit
My spending for July is record low but life is not that kind to me. I have a toothache, heartbreak, and many unproductive days. I need something to pull myself out and find myself starting time auditing. Basically, it’s just jotting down what I do with my time, as detailed as possible, without thinking too much of the structure. As the days go by, I am more aware of the time I spent on and how my mind gets trigger into daydreaming/binge eating. I am keener to go out and socialize, just so my timesheet is not – alone-and blank.

5. Online survey
Online surveys are the first thing I try to earn online a decade ago. It wasn’t a success for me, I barely made scraps. Some people are so skilled, they can earn decent dollars in doing an online survey. Nevertheless, this month I did a 2 min survey and score myself a $2 iTunes gift card. Seems like a win.

That’s for July, a month that I grow older but not necessarily wiser. Thank God, things are still in-tact, and being an optimist, I still see hope in life.

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