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How I made $150 extra this month? (In a day, once-off)

And I didn’t travel to the moon and back or sell my soul.

A financial guru tweet “50% workforce here in Malaysia earns less than RM1750 ($450).” and all the people jump in and retweet. I am not that sure about how the statistic came by; a statistic is more of an art than a science and easily used to stir people’s emotions. True, there are lots of work in terms of up-skilling, but the great thing about the digital economy – you need not have a Tan Sri/Dato dad to get better jobs, although that helps a lot.

Anyway, I made USD$150 by spending a few hours writing ten software reviews.

Websites like Capterra pay $10-15 for writing a software review. Just find a software that you use and give an honest review. Some website asks for verified screenshot while others doesn’t. Once approved, you will get an Amazon gift card or Visa gift card. Here’s the happiest email to get:

To join, you have to do the goodwill of writing a review, and soon, you will receive emails about gift cards offer in exchange for more reviews. You can’t cash out, but you can stack the earnings and some decent things. There are limits to how many gift cards you can get, usually, 5 to 10. Else, I would have quit my job.

I just spent the last $15 (sob, no more gift cards for me) and thought I’d share this with you. Cheers!

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