Money Diaries

Money Diaries – Aug 21

A new, blissful money diaries cover to stay hopeful towards life. I may need some help with my life purposes. But financial-wise, it’s a bountiful month with increments and dividends. On the expenses, I spend RM3 above the RM4000 budget.

  • Learning the art of spending in Shopee. I prefer to buy cheap things that is less than RM5 in Shopee and use Lazada for bigger ticket item. The vouchers in Lazada are more dependable, thus it’s cheaper when I buy more things. (And this is an honest opinion since I am not affiliated to either.)
  • There’s a new money app on the market that financial savvy people use for cashback. It’s called ZPay. I didn’t use it but apparently you can get 5% return for TnG Grab ewallets. 😮
  • New groceries price record (for me): 24 cans of Campbell Mushroom Soup for RM75, 250gm Asparagus for RM4.90, 1 kg potato for RM0.98.
  • But, I have yet to settle the issue of food sharing with housemate. It’s so hard to draw a line of when will I say no to using things I bought, without saying no to most things. I got particullary upset about a Japanese sauce I bought and I was informed when it’s already finished. Any suggestion without making it awkard?
  • If you’re a Sukin lover you’ll be excited to know that Natural Hatch at Lazada that sells nearing expiry products at about 20% of retail price. I got the Hydration Elixir oil at only RM13. I have yet to test it but it smells and feel exactly the same as the RM90 bottle at Watson. I’ll probably not try the mist since water based products is more prone to changes over time.
  • Unsubscribed Netflix since there’s a way better site (tiny zone with private brower) to watch everything for free, including Disney’s show.
  • Had issue with webhosting (Google cloud) and solve it using Google search in ~1 hour and turn this hosting to be free (instead of RM8 a month). It’s astonish how a smartphone can help in every single life decision. The question is – spending time to do it or have everything done for a cost.
  • Did my final round in KitaJaga. Out of all the deliveries, I think there was only two person that is genuinely impacted because I asked more questions and wrote a note for them. The others feel like a business transaction. Giving, like spending, can be done cold or with love. No wonder the bible says, if I give away all I have, but have not love, I gain nothing.

August financial & goals

  • (Yay, sort of) Embrace the RM4,000 budget again. It’s enough for me to be happy. 3 bucks is acceptable error? :p
  • (Yay) Take the second dose of vaccine. Got my 2nd dose vaccination. The guy who did the jab at station 3 PTWC give me some odd vibes which makes me question if the jab is really AZ vaccine. Anyway, it’s done! Ultimately, God is my protector. I just need the cert to run around on earth before I am home.
  • (Yay) Huge milestone list for work this month.

September financial & goals

  • Work on the startup.
  • Fund RM3,000 into PRS (so hard to decide with the market swings).

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