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How to get the best value poke bowl at The Fish Bowl

If you love The Fish Bowl salmon poke, here’s an idea to save some spare coins (for delivery) and get more protein if you like. When I consider the price difference, I suspect they serve both tofu made from soy and tofu made from gold.

First, if you’re ordering delivery, pick the right location. The price difference between The Gardens branch and others including Pavilion is RM2.00. The Gardens menu is priced higher. E.g. Salmon Poke costs RM22.15 vs the usual RM20.15.

Second, pick the right basic bowl. If I like to eat Salmon, surely I would order a salmon bowl, right? No, things are not always priced equal here. Here’s the price with takeaway packaging. Bracket for The Gardens price.

  • Salmon Poke : RM22.10 (RM23.42)
  • Tofu Poke + Scoop of salmon: 23.10 (RM24.48)
  • Salmon Poke + Tofu : RM27.10 (RM28.72)

So my to-go order is Tofu poke with Salmon Add-on in any other than The Gardens outlet. The difference is about RM4-5 for each meal and since I used to eat this poke a lot, the difference matter. This also works with tuna and other proteins.

Lastly, it’s a personal preference but I like to note/request sauce at the side. With that, the sauce will come as two little sauce capsules. The poke will not go soggy, I can keep a portion and reheat. And I can use only one sauce and keep the other for some homemade salad.

Again, like the other hacks. I hope the owner don’t raise the price of Tofu Poke after reading this. 😅 Do keep this our secret k? Don’t further share this post on social media.

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