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Free money (sort-of) with Hotlink Prepaid

Here’s a money-generating saving tip I love with Hotlink. I call this: The unconventional journey of making money with money. Cos this takes a bit of faith and guts to know that you’re doing it right even if more money seems to have been spent. And it’s really more suitable to a selected group of users, which would likely be the urban, lower-middle-class group, and Hotlink users (or new users 😉). There’s no entrance barrier, everyone can do this. I didn’t even come out with the plan, I just connected the dots.

Stop if you’re still doing Hotlink top-up with any outside app, e-wallets, or the bank’s app, you’re being taken for a ride. Because with the Hotlink app, you can actually get RM3-6 extra each day.

The free money credit

Every day, you get to pick a top-up offer. I will pick the one that gives me the highest % return. Usually, it’s RM3 for RM10 top-up. Sometimes I can get RM5 for an RM10 top-up. The top-up offers are only valid once a day and I don’t top up every day, so I only made about ~RM50 a month.

How to spend

What do you do with so much phone credit? Nothing, you can’t cash out. But..hold on…

  1. The Online Shopping I use the credit for Lazada and Grab voucher under the rewards tab. So an RM15 GrabMart voucher cost about RM10. There’s no limit (as of now) of purchase, just that the vouchers cannot be stacked (Read the T&C especially for Lazada).

2. Oden at Family Mart I also love the Family Mart vouchers. How often do you get up to ~10% + 15% off from Family Mart?

3. Pay app subscription If you subscribe a lot from the App store, you can also use the credit for the App subscription.

4. Top-up bank Finally, you can send the funds to another number (if you have friends that will buy from you).

So that’s a total of 4 ways to spend the top-up credits.

How to even better spend

And here’s the best part, with the free 1GB a day of high-speed data, I don’t even need to subscribe to any data/phone place to stay connected for the month. I get to stay connected for free and collect some free money. Yeah, the expenses I recorded as mobile bills? Gone to shopping.

The cost

Time factor You need to spend about 2-3 minutes each day to open the app, redeem, and top up. And you need to click redeem for the 1GB free data. It may be too time-consuming if you already have enough money. I love optimizing cost but time is definitely precious.

Harder to track Like every top-up and switch, clean expenses tracking can be messy. My objective to track expenses is to know how much I spend overall, so I count all top-up as utilities. It works even if the money is actually converted to online shopping. However, if you want to know how much it really costs you to buy something, you have to do the back-math, lots of back-math, and rounding up. People with OCD will hate this.

P/S: This method works as of writing. There’s a risk of Hotlink changing the T&C if it’s widely used. However, my readers’ base is not wide. I have never written anything that goes viral. So this may run for a while.

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  1. I just started using Hotlink prepaid and I love the free credit but I’ve never thought to buy them in tranches like that for more free credit! Will definitely apply that one haha

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