#MakeSchoolSafe #halalkanilmu is not enough

With the #makeschoolsafe #halalkanilmu fiasco, I start to notice that I have two types of friends, one that is very generous to share their knowledge and another very stingy to share anything they know. I make an A/B category list and find that I am the happiest when I am with the people who will share abundantly and still have bountiful. Maybe the unhappiness in society is because we allowed these cultures to breed. 

Reading all the #makeschoolsafe comments, my short time in independent school feels like a different world. Everyone in my class signed a petition and got a teacher kicked out of school because she used one class of teaching time to talk about her family.

We put our kids full of potential in 12 years of the education system, and if even 1% doesn’t learn about speaking out, the system has gone wrong. If anyone of them dreams to be an office admin, the system has gone wrong. 12 years of education and all you can produce is an admin?

In an international school, kelas kemahiran hidup is not about using a hand saw or sandpaper. They use Auto-Cad to build a full-scale furniture model and wood polisher machine to bring home one and only designed, functioning furniture.

Making school safe is not even forward-looking, it’s just the bare minimum. We have to demand better than that if we want the country to move forward.

And financially, we have to do better to send our kids to private if that doesn’t work out. Let’s face it: Things has gone worst, it’s kita jaga kita now.

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