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Money Diaries: Apr 21


Earth-X. I have broken the rule to live a frugal life and grand retirement seems unlikely. Even after sorting the “low to high” price filter and sorting out every combination for best savings, I selfishly spend RM5147 on me, myself, alone last month. I am not in debt; I got the income tax return, the waived credit card fees, and few dividend slips I never see (the money is in, that’s the only thing that matters).

Apr 2021 Expenses

I didn’t even buy anything fancy, I just lightly upgraded my meals to economy+ and this is what I get. This is the story of my now life – finding joy in food.

So there’s the buffet and there are the boxes of pantry items to last me till the next inflation hits. I don’t know if it’s the right decision, but I buy every tin food on a great sale (about half what you pay in grocer) and ultra-long expiry (earliest Stardate 2024) – it’s like investing equity for price appreciation.

That said, I crave food because I spend far too much time doing the less significant things. I don’t need a snack when I am doing something useful. Snack is a put-on-weight lazy bum distraction.

End of April, I spent RM300 on Mother’s Day gift for a food bank mom. I didn’t know this person, I got a Santa card and couldn’t stop myself when I shop.

One last thing, I found soap to wash away dark eye circles (you read that right) at Don Don Donki. Maybe that’s the untold secret.


Crikey, I never thought my humble online shop would bring revenue on the thousand’s mark in the first month. Making sales are simple but my best seller (with limited stock) only makes like 5% margin. So I am NOT calling myself an entrepreneur, yet. I am not targeting a $2.1mil retirement fund (sort of the KL-standard average recommendation by financial advisors). I am contented with the little I have and I need to lose my job to work hard on a side hustle.

I hope to REALLY look into how I build my portfolio. My mall REITS are hanging on the mercy of MCO, banks at the mercy of central bank rate, and electricity at the mercy of industrial activities. Anyone is good at it? A crystal ball maybe?

Till then.

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