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Money Diaries: Mar 2021

Sidetracked but not gone. I am experimenting with some life hacks, and time will tell if I can share things that brings value. For now, I’ll just catch up on a money diary post.

In March, I opt for semi-YOLO and spend all I want (thankfully branded bags is never on my list). Surely, that has nothing to do with my iSinar withdrawal as I put all the money into dividend giving fund…Ahem. Why do I withdraw then? Well, I like the control of the funds. I also max up the investment withdrawal into the Public Global Select Fund.

Quite excited about Go+ which offers a way to withdraw money out of the T&G E-wallet. Money market funds used to be only accessible by the more sophisticated investors, but in less than 3 years we have OPUS, then Stashaway, and now Go+ offering on mobile access.

And all the crypto fans out there, the price difference in bitcoin between Luno and Binance is getting massive. I think that’s the feature of a decentralized but not governed currency. It may be here to stay or here to break. If you are looking into an investment, Ethereum has a lot more development ongoing now for future growth.

Steak and hotate is my new favorite food. YOLO is fun – I think we can call this Joy of Life after Saving. Live like a college student for the first 5 years of your working life and then you’re set for life with a decent lifestyle. Still working, but not stressing up about money (I am not trying to be a millionaire, it’s a useless stamp that society puts on people). On the downside, feeling loose with money can backfire easily with buying crap.

What hurts most is when you feel short-changed. I got dupe by Grab Rewards for a facial in Aster Spring. I am prepared to pay extra but I did not expect them to smack me a ~RM400 bill and not giving me what was included in the voucher. And I got pimples all over days after. Sigh..lesson learned, don’t redeem non-Grab deals.

Started watching Partners for Justice, a South Korean version of CSI and Symphus, a romance si-fi. I like how drama reflects the societal change in a country. 20 years ago, when I was a kid, all the romance movie ends in tears. And it slowly moves to all the happy ending, and now it’s getting scientific.

April goals:

  • Read 5 Harvard Business Review book.
  • Redesign the cash-flow chart
  • Build my Shopee shop

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