What it means to be honest with money

This post is first published in my old blog and talks about religion, values, and finance in general.

Absolute honesty versus relative honesty

What does it mean to be honest with money? Is absolutely not cutting corners or is it okay to action change according to situations (relatively honest)?

The bible is clear; God demands absolute honesty. And if you believe He exists, you are bound under this truth, including our financial dealings.

To be honest (ironically), being absolutely honest about money is hard for me. Yeah, I don’t go around stealing or cheat people, but I would pick up coins I find on the street, I would collect Nutella when I go for breakfast in a hotel. I would take the extra blank page book in the office. Some people call this frugal or opportunity. I call it savings. I managed money with relative honesty, which sometimes skewed under a different situation.

The “Hacking” life

And those I love to do in life, stacking shopping coupons and financial hacks. Although it’s not always wrong to stack coupons (we should be resourceful), there’s a fine line that I can easily cross over. There are times where I go too far, like using multiple sim cards to get multiple deals.

I also tend to get “extra” goods from sellers. There are times where I order 4 chicken; the seller delivers 8. Times where the cashier scans the items but the expensive items did not register in the bill?

It’s something I have to learn, and still learning, to always take the absolutely honest in these situations.

Problem with lack of honesty

But God showed me the reason I don’t always hear His answer in my prayer – is I fail to live upright in the sight of God. Nevertheless, I am continuously blessed, God’s grace is not conditional, nothing I can do to get His extra favor, nothing can be done to take away His heart for us. ( Refer Galatians)

For the crooked man is an abomination to the Lord; but He is intimate with the upright. (Proverbs 3:32)  

If our gains are dishonest, the barns and grains (branded bags or sports car) will not bring us peace or joy. In fact, it will be our destruction.

The promise of absolute honesty

Honesty confirms God’s direction in our life, restore our fellowship with Him, the people around us, and the blessing in His promise.  Being honest with money is absolute, it matters even in the smallest matter. 

Partly adapted from Your Money Counts – Howard Dayton.

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