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Homemade antiviral tea?

Disclaimer: Not a healthcare practitioner or medical advice

Air Suam

I remember making fun of our Health Doctor for suggesting that drinking warm water (air suam) could prevent getting infected by Covid. Under that logic, the 2 billion people or so who drink tea or coffee in the morning or while waiting for departure in an airport would have break the chain of infection?

Air Suam in disguise?

For months, my mom tries to send me packages of leaves that look like dried grass, roots that probably mold before they package and label “medicinal”. As a “science” person, I doubt they are magic shrooms. Surely we can’t treat s virus ourselves like our great-grandmothers do when the medical help is non-existent?

Then I look at the magic shrooms

Things change when I find myself with throat irritation. I got worried about getting sick that I look for prescription in journals on Traditional Chinese Medicine and brew myself a concoction of antiviral drink (At least it’s somewhat proven).

All that feeling of about TCM working a little too late, too slow is gone when our hospital is a limited capacity and I do not want to be part of a tag number 234567. Now, I hope there’s something that I can do at home, like taking a tea that might prevent me from getting sick.

TCM antiviral herbs are simple

Surprisingly, the prescription in observational is actually very simple. It could be just a mix of Gan Chao and Jin Yin Hua. Both are scientifically proven to have antiviral properties. I remember them, they are herbs that sold off in small Chinese medical shops every influenza season. The familiarity makes it feel less like eating grass. (Growing up drinking all sorts of herbal tea, and relief of my tummy pain does makes me believe it helps, if you aren’t sick yet)

The prescription gets little complicate in mild or advance stages, with up to 179 different herbs to consider. The common names are Ku Xin Ren, Huang Qin, Lian Geng. This is where formulation and intake amount should be monitored. Different herbs have different active compound, I focus on those that are antiviral and not harmful and consulted the herbal shop on the ratio.

A Queen’s Gambit?

I drink the flower tea myself, even brew for some friends with indicative test. But at the end of the day, I am not sure if I spent the RM20 to buy a peace of mind, or have truly improved my immunity towards getting sick.

What do you think? Is there any difference between this and warm water? Is this a wise RM20 spent?

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