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15-min Chicken Tacos with Coleslaw and Avocado

Hey there, I am not trying to branch into the world of cooking. I know there are already tons of award-winning recipes out there for you to try a lifetime. I just like to share my idea of easy and good to eat meals. That’s what the meal project is about. I will also include a detailed breakdown of the cost, hoping that it would make me pause and think before I grate truffles into the omelet.

Here’s the first quick meal I like to make; it’s pack with protein (pan-fry chicken) and good oils (avocado). The coleslaw and squeeze of lime make it fresh and crunchy at each bite.

Here’s what I buy to made 6 of this yummy tacos.


  • Chicken meet slice from Grocer: RM5.90
  • One Avocado medium size: RM6.80 (for 8 tacos)
  • Crunchy tacos shell: RM6 ( Grocer at RM12 for 12 pieces. However, sold at RM19 in Lazada) 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Lime: RM0.10
  • Ready-made Coleslaw: RM3.5 (RM7 a pack, used half)
  • Heinz mayonnaise/sour cream (optional): Appx RM1.00

That works out to RM3.4 per tacos or RM6.8 per meal (2 tacos is enough for a meal, 3 for a big eater). If you ditch the avocado, it’ll be RM2.6 per tacos. I recommend substitute with some creams like sour cream or yogurt for the avocado-less version instead of mayonnaise. I only use Heinz mayonnaise if I am not using homemade mayo. A real mayo makes all the difference in the world.

Step by step

  1. Season the chicken meat (salt + pepper/any spice powder, I like cumin) and cut into large stripe size
  2. Pan grill the chicken till well cook, approximate 8-10 min (I sometimes coat with golden breadcrumbs)
  3. Microwave the Tacos shell for 60 seconds
  4. Stuff the chicken and coleslaw (it’s easier to stuff if you mix with a little mayonnaise) in the tacos, top with chopped avocado, and a squeeze of lime.

The cleaning

If done right, there should only be one knife, a small non-stick pan, a small bowl (for mixing), a plate (for serving), and a spoon to clean.

That’s it! Food’s served. Let me know if you try this or got any ideas to make it better and/or cheaper.

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