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Money Diaries: Jan 21

Hi to a new year of money diaries! Is there anyone still in dancing mode? Could you throw me some magic stardust?

I started January with hopes but am somewhat exhausted with the lockdown. Brushing teeth with minty toothpaste no longer enough to wake me up. I need a daily virtual list to be motivated to work for the day, from morning tea to feet soaking. But most of the time I snooze the alarm 3 times until it’s seconds before the office meeting and somedays I forget to take a bath because I am too lazy. I remind myself that this is the privileged life of working from home, but really, this is not early retirement, and this is not fun anymore.

How I spent this month

I spend a total of RM3983 this month. 🏳️ because it’s over RM3500. 🏳️ as I feel the peer pressure to save better every time I read the ultra-low expenses of fellow Malaysians in Instagram but what is done is done. 🤧


On top of the RM1000 rent, utilities and housing loan interest, I spent RM850 on home improvement. I got very excited about my new balcony and the new room with my new minimalist furnishing. The RM850 goes to an IKEA mattress, four racks, two chairs, and a mini nursery. Yup, I got green thumbs now! The Kebun Kangkung is growing, but spoiler alert to my upcoming post: It’s not worth the effort, at least for now.


Finally, I spend below RM1500 for food. It’s still on the high side but internally I 🎉 for the win. Food deliveries made up half of the month, and I cooked used the digital rice cooker for the rest of the meals. I learned that making clear decisions reduce my food expenses. That it’s okay to buy groceries or take deliveries, just not both. What does this mean? I can’t shop groceries today and then decide to order out tomorrow. The groceries will go bad, or I will be guilt eating and double up my expenses (plus waist inch).

I think this is a truth in every decision in life. You made a choice and aligned all your action with the choice. It’s called the 100% decision. That sharp focus is key in making progress and succeeds in what we do. Moving from decisions to decisions waste our brain energy and accomplish nothing. Or worst, jumping political party and bring down the whole nation.


Spending higher on the internet this month. I test out all the Telco’s and also made some mistakes. Finally found the sweet spot, will be only paying RM40-50 a month moving forward.


What about 2021 Goals? In all honesty, I did not want to make any goals. I want to survive in 2021. What’s the use of financial goals when the market is all-time high while people around us are suffering. Maybe my goals should be a secret philanthropist since I am passionate about getting people to eat well. Or execute all my soon start-up plans.

Oh, my life coach (she replies me on an app) says I need to work on looking forwards in life. So I promise to write a full post on that. Stay tuned!

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