My 2021 Goals

It took me a month to think through the one thousand goals I want to see happen in 2021 with a Hermione wand. I need to be a data scientist by the end of this quarter. Hey, I can create a jewelry line if I just take the design course. What did I miss to get the promotion? This is the anxiety era, we want to accomplish just everything, and hardly have time to accomplish any. (At least I do)

How I pick these goals

I used to love easy goals. Simple things like sleep 8 hours a day (who can’t do this if you don’t care about life) or drink 10 glass of water a day. Now I am not too sure if these are goals or habits. What I do know, putting too much of these goals reduce my focus in accomplishing bigger things in life. So here’s my first refine goals rule-don’t make easy goals. Unless it’s to break an addiction.

The second rule, I like them to be goals that I can stick to, that’s, specific goals. Some of the goals may sound achievable, like spending less is relatable, but it’s not sticky. I can’t measure and close-out the goals. How do I reach the place where I get to shout at the rooftop or do the song-dance. The specific could be don’t go for facials (save $500), BYOB (save $100). You may find some goals written in this post vague, but they are specific in my journal scribbled on 15-page long to-dos.

Finally, I break the goals down to candy pieces. It could be a milestone or a task that makes things come together. An action in itself is rarely a goal; it’s meant to build something bigger. Then there are goals so big, it feels like carrying the weight of an elephant behind you. Breaking down depends on your focus span. If you can spend 2 hours doing a task, break the goals into 2 hours block. If you are stagnant-phobia like me, break the goals into 15-30 minute blocks. The hundreds of to-dos help me actually to get things done.

Perhaps less is more, so here is my less than 15 items list.

Life related goals


This is a word I want to live out this year. In Sunday school, we were taught to love the Lord with all our heart and love your neighbor as yourself (Luke 10:27). I don’t really know how I will do this yet. Some of my to-dos are going the extra mile in caring and serving people?

Read 40 books

I like to read 40 books from different genres, non-fiction or semi-friction. From Harvard Business Review to the latest personal finance book. Using Scribd at Dinosaur pricing so it cost the same if I read 1 or 100 books.

Eat Whole30 diet

You probably heard about the famous Whole30. It’s a 30-day diet that takes out food known to cause inflammatory or health issues. No starch, sugars, caffeine, dairy. No legumes but the potato are allowed. I still have a pantry full of non-Whole30 foods but moving forward my grocery or delivery list consists of only the Whole30. Apart from health, I am hoping that eating easier means spending less on food.

Keep a minimalist BuJo

Amazing things happen when I am writing things down. The mind becomes free, and something is accomplished. For the sake of world peace, I got a free dotted notebook that I will use diligently as a simple BuJo. No fancy design, just a pure rapid logbook.

Work-related goals

Focus 4 hours a day at work

Actually, I am demotivated to work on my current job but I am paid to work, so I will focused at least 4 hours a day on my work. Also, I still believe in skill-building. This year I need to focus on hazard management and mechanical integrity. Don’t mind the big words, it’s just what industry term it to made to make them sound smarter.

Find a new job

That brings me to finding a new job. I might be too late, constantly looking out is key to growth.

Side-kick goals

Work on side startup

Working on creating healthy pantry food and engineering solutions. I want this as my core goal if I don’t get a new job. There are few things I need to master, including marketing and coding.

100 days of code

And that brings me to this skill that I do need to learn. It should be easy as learning a language, yet I stop after introductory lessons each and every time I try. Perhaps I need to quit the job that pays and embark on this brave journey.

Create blog content frequently

I have not wanted to monetize the site, and I can’t Tic-Tok. And I am lazy to create basic content like the 72 rule, or hey, take your free money in ASM loan already. But a website without foundation is like loose sands. So I am making it a goal to create more foundational content this year and perhaps make it ads worthy. Shamelessly asking for your support to follow my IG @_thepurplecotton

Time-related goals

Minimal Netflix streaming time – 1 hour a day

Minimal social media time – 15 min a week

Scrolling hurts me when I read a bad policy or people have to link 🐖 to Chinese (it’s a local thing). I would actually block them on Twitter even if they are still strangers; I don’t want to read and subconsciously be like them.

I know we’re divided on the idea of heaven and hell. The world is separated by about 1/3 each in different mainstream religion, and millions believing there’s no proof of God ever exist. Each with logical reasoning, a word of God, love, joy, peace, and personal miracles to tell. Personal experience varies, but logically speaking, until you see heaven, the probability of choosing the wrong God is equally high for anyone. Calling a human animal is taking your chance with the deities.

Money related goals

Sponsor the children world vision

I have always been an impulsive giver if any. However, budget giving generate a greater positive impact on the cause we are fighting for – social development, kids education, getting out of poverty – this cause requires a 10-20 years blueprint.

Have a financial plan that continuously invest

Sometimes I wonder if I want to believe in the system that put so many people in multiple minimal pay jobs. Nevertheless, it always rewards people who invest their capital, and the only way to stay out of the inflation trap is – invest today. P/S: I need this goal because of how I invest.

That is 13 goals so I have room to pick two more. Any suggestion?

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