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Money Diaries: The merry and the anguish Dec 20

Although December is generally festive and merry, I had a fair share of financial anguish. All in all, I overspent at RM7709, burned some savings, and made a lot of mistake cost. I wish to turn back time and find the discernment to live a simpler, boring life for December. But no, I choose to move house, organize a Christmas party, drop gifts that would bring joy while trying to finish all the work tasks. It’s not stressful, but time constraint makes me made the less smart choice.

The merry

Spent RM1486 on gifts and giving for about 25 people. Mostly miniatures from L’Occitane.

A handful of eating out and gaining weight – RM1605. RM250 on a meal in a more atas place because as a friend asks to go, says she will belanja. But I settled the bill first and never got back the other half. Nevertheless, enjoyed the meal.

Host a small house + zoom party. You only need to do two things right to get a party right in Malaysia, good food and more good food. Add the lights, the decorated Christmas trees and you have the perfect party. The rules and regulation of attending a party is a) no recycled music festival t-shirt as gifts, and b) don’t re-gift the chocolate you get last year.

Canceled my RM149 broadband subscription and used a mobile LTE. Now I only need to pay RM45-70 for a month of internet. The connection is less stable, but I can stream videos the same.

Meet up with a friend from Dubai, the skies are open again. She has a very interesting money story I shall soon share.

Bought rugs and plants for the new place. Finally, one step closer to a place I call home.

The anguish

My previous two rentals have been hassle-free, so I didn’t know what questions to ask before you rent, and I burned RM1500 with AFZ Reality. The tenancy agreement is very landlord bias and included hidden charges. I am lucky that I saved enough to toss the booking fee, but what about people who can’t? How can we help people avoid deals like this?

Despite the rent fiasco, I did get another unit at a lower price and move-in at the end of the month. Moving cost me RM600 because I stupidly booked Kaodim. The service provider is someone you can book much cheaper on their own website, and they came with half lorry filled with other customer goods. Kaodim’s reply to all my destroyed furniture was sorry, we don’t expect this, and an RM30 gift voucher, which is less than the price difference if I book the service directly. Also, it appears that my review to warn others is not shown on the service provider’s rating. There will be the next fish. The old fashion of getting a few contacts, asking for a few quotations is still the best.

I finally realized how having the Lazada app on my phone is not helping my no-shopping days. 85% of the things I bought in the past 45 days useful but non-essential. So I deleted that app and have not bought a single item for 3 weeks. Where did my previous “need” come from?

Beyond the numbers

Gifts. I thought November was the peak of getting free stuff. I was wrong; December score me a box of Bobbi Brown stuff (a lucky draw), a power bank, an Ikea table, and a beautiful crossbody bag (redemption). I got a kettle from a gift exchange and woke up to Christmas with a Ritz Carlton Spa voucher.


Looking back, 2020 goals to are mostly in-progress (I bought a brick instead of a house). I am on the way but nowhere near the big goals.

But I am hopeful for 2021. I search for a word that will mark my 2021, and God finally reveals a word to me after a long time of silence. – it’s love. So this year, I am going to learn to live out the love that God has given.

End of 2020 money diaries.

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