Cheap organizer at home

Home and living 

Tip 1: Paper bag storage box

Made flexible storage box with paper bags you get from shopping and takeaways.

Fold the bag into half, cut lines on two cross side and fold the top into the bag. This will make the bag more structured and looks like a square box. 

You can use this anywhere, even in the fridge. 

Tip 2: Arrangement trays 

An idea from Muji/Ikea, but I now buy these from Ninso for RM2.00 (now RM2.40) . Arrangement trays are useful for medicines and household products. 

Tip 3: Cut your own cable management box

If you think about it, cable management box is basically a shoe box with holes. 
So when you're free, take a paper box and cut holes around to match the cables you like to hide. 

Tip 4: Lazy susan 

It's really useful for oil and seasonings in the kitchen. 

Tip 5: Moving trolley

This is best for hobby with tiny tools and small homes. Each trolley can be made into a theme station that is movable around the home. 

Tip 6: Slim shoe cabinet 

This is initially not my favorite because I don't like stuffing shoe up-side-down. But I come to appreciate the beauty of the design, especially if your shoes are mostly sneakers. 

Tip 7: Put a slim kids rack behind the door

If you have a min of 12 cm gap behind a door, you can reclaim the space with a slim rack. This is useful for the 100 items you need at hand but like to get out of sight.