Money Diaries 2022

Monthly updates

Here's my record of 2022 expenses 

For context, my expenses are for a single person renting inside KL. I believe in keeping commitments low and then spend on whats as much as I wish. With that, I don't keep a budget, but track my expenses closely. 

Sep 2022

Expenses: RM7242.

I am taking a consumerism approach this month. I don't care what I spent on as long as I am not overspending my payroll.

Singed for more baking classes. Paid RM2052 for 15 class. 

Aug 2022

Expenses: RM6030.

RM2390 on food, RM1351 on rent & housing cost, RM589 on transport, RM513 on beauty products, RM405 on giving, RM311 on clothing, etc.

Lessons in inflationary environment:

If you like something and can afford it, buy it today. Delayed gratification only applies when you can't afford it. 

Minimize decision making in small things. Shop in places below your budget and you'll be happy. 

Wear the same things weekly and you'll have the energy to face life pressure. 

Jul 2022

Expenses: RM5330. Spending less than I expected. The storm inflation seems to subside in KL. 

Top spending category: Food and giving. Together, it makes 45% of my total expenses. 

Bought a lot of storage solutions and kitchen items, mostly from Ikea. 

Love the skin care products from Clarins and Sulwhasoo, it's expensive but I figured how to pay 70% less for what I want. 

Jun 2022

Expenses: RM4300. Record low month for the year. Mostly because I was living out of KL for the month.

So the living cost outside KL is still bearable?

May 2022 

Expenses: RM6900. 
Join ABC studio for RM1300. Instead buying a birthday cake, I now can bake and learn something. Will this turn into a costly hobby?

When for dinner and bring back an Ikea lazy chair from friend house. 

Apr 2022 

Expenses: RM7214 (including a 4 days trip to Redang RM1950 because I caught the flu last min)

My favorite cushion is now RM385, up from RM260. 

Mar 2022

Expenses: RM6159
Things move too quickly for me and then I started coughing and under home quarantine. 

Feb 2022

Expenses: RM6056

Life is getting too VUCA to save hard. But I did earn > what I spent. 

Jan 2022

Expenses: RM7100 

RM3200 in gifts for CNY. And RM130 for staycation + seafood buffet.