Quarterly updates

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice. I am not a CFP by training so I do not recommend an investment nor sell products, and are not affiliated with any of the financial tools providers (except maybe referral links).


Investment is something that my family dreads. My mom talks (and still talks) about the 1980s crash like it was yesterday. She stopped working in the late 80s, which limited her exposure to what is happening around the world. At home, the 80s never ends.

As we grow older, my younger bother got close to a family that believes in investing (a bit like Rich Dad Poor Dad, the local version and minus the drama), and he has invested in the dollar averaging method since day one. 

But I continue to live in the coming of end-of-the-world moment and hold on to cash mostly. I do little trades, hold a stock for a quarter or two. Then some news will snap me into putting a sell order. I haven't lost money, but I lost all the opportunity cost. 

Time and time again, I ask myself if I have the guts to invest. And if I do, what would that be? 

Aug 2022 Portfolio

Sold VOO and QQQ at high. ~RM1,000 profit. I still believe in DCA for ETFs but the quick rise scares me. 

Money markets 
Withdraw and closed OPUS account. 

Jul 2022 Portfolio

Stashaway introduced flexible portfolio and it comes with one year free fee! (That's if you don't withdraw from the existing portfolio and reinvest  -.-) 

I build a simple minimalist portfolio, a two fund portfolio suggested by Chris Reining here. Also started using Rakuten Trade for VOO.

And special thanks to Elizabeth Tai for her bogleheads advice.

Mutual Funds
Overall, PRS funds drop by 11% from the peak. 

H1 2022 Portfolio

Sold MBB at 9.06 after receiving the dividends. Some financial guru recommends trading only when Maybank drops below RM8 or break above RM10. But I decided to ride on RM9 mark. Buy back a portion at RM8.60.

Q4 2021 Portfolio

2021 total dividends RM10,000+

Q3 2021 Portfolio

Received RM3792 in dividends between Jul-Sep 2021. That makes a total of RM7094 YTD. My holdings are very conservative - banks, utilities, and REITs. Things your uncles will talk about in Mamak and too old school for people who meet up for garden drinks. 

My love-hate relationship with Stashaway portfolio. I like it as a solution but their stubbornness towards investing in China-Tech (KWEB) is driving me crazy. A lot of financial institutions have avoid this ETF after all the valuation is down the drain. 

Money Market Fund
Nothing too exciting about this. I use OPUS and Go+. OPUS for better returns (RM28 for RM4000 investment monthly), GO+ because I buy discounted TnG reload from ZCity (5% discount). 

Q2 2021 Portfolio

Mutual Funds
Global Select Fund performed so well last year that it's about 8% up from where I invested last quarter. Feels like the market is too hot and decided to withdraw out into the EPF for some stability. 

Invested minimally into Delta Air, Norwegian Cruise, ADT, DXC at USD 50-100 each after reading about a women investor recommendation in Wall Street papers. (The verdict: All at 50-70% lost) 

Q1 2021 Portfolio

Mutual Funds
I move the investable portion of EPF to Global Select Fund. It's a highly volatile fund with holdings across the world. 

Dec 2020 Portfolio

The textbook tells us that we need to allocate a bond-equity mix based on our age. But market products offering can be so complex these days. Even before fully investing, I am already using 8 different platforms! 

While I like to think that I understood the products I have invested in, I actually don't know what's the end risk ratio looks like. It's much harder to see the underlying assets I am investing in, especially with Robo-advisors and mutual funds. 

I do have investment too, but as you can see, that's just too much cash. And if I look at the underlying asset level, the chart is a tell-tale of "low grade" investment. 

Charting this tells me the heart issue I have refused to address - there is too much low performing, sleeping fund. I need to move to serious investing.